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First things first: there’s not a single universe where I update this page regularly, but in case I have any cool ideas, projects or just things I’d like to share with you, dear reader, then I’ll do my best to write a post on it.

My name is Adam Pisula and at the time of writing I’m 20 years old. I’m a Software Developer (currently a Junior!) and a huge pizza enthusiast (hence the domain). I’ve been living in Poland for, well, the past 19 years, but now I mostly stay in the Netherlands.

Alright, enough with the dossier.

What will I find here?

Over the years I’ve had way too many ideas, some pretty interesting, but mostly incredibly stupid (my favourite kind). Those covered many different topics, so the posts here may include some electronics, gaming and who knows, maybe even cooking.

For some time now I wanted to set up a blog in case somebody ever wondered if X is possible, how to implement it, should they do it themselves and this site is the perfect way to achieve just that.

Apart from that, I might end up writing some posts on things I’m currently learning, not because I’m a good teacher, cause I most definitely am not, but that would most likely push me to do some more reading on the topic and understand it better myself.

I like this site’s looks

Yeah, me too.

I like to do this thing where when I want to learn a new technology, framework or whatever that may be I try to write a project in it. That most often gives me a good enough understanding of the technology and whether I’d like to learn more about it or not. So after some back and forth I decided on Hugo to build this website. The theme I used is hello-friend, but that might very well change in the future.

That’s about it!

So that seems to be enough for the introductory post! Good to have you here and I hope you’ll visit this site again the future.

See you!

P.S. God, I love Markdown.